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Email Verification that’s astonishingly easy and low-cost.

Simple, reliable, and affordable list cleaning shouldn’t be hard to find. Blaze Verify helps marketers and developers build powerful and effective marketing campaigns.

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Why choose Blaze Verify?

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    Save Money

    Email Verification shouldn’t take up your entire marketing budget. You can be confident you are sending smarter emails and save up to 75% while doing it.

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    Increase ROI

    Stop overpaying your ESP. Remove the dead email addresses from your list and only send campaigns to people who will actually see them.

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    Protect Domain Reputation

    A real email is an asset. A fake email is a liability. Reduce your bounce rate, boost deliverability, and stop risking your inbox placement.

Our easy-to-use features

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  • Drag & Drop Interface

  • Email Provider Integrations

  • Email Quality Score

  • Real-Time Results

  • Customized Exports

  • World Class Customer Support

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